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The SimosWiki

This site is dedicated to tuning the Simos(18) family of ECUs commonly found in the MQB platform of VW/Audi cars.

Much of the information here revolves around the use of Eurodyne Maestro since it was the first end user tuning software available. Eurodyne does change some maps and axis names, but the vast majority of ecu strategies are kept consistent with the way Continental designed it. An example of where there's a change in the software is the Boss file wastegate duty tables. The factory uses a complex scheme to calculate the exhaust flow vs Boost, while Eurodyne changes this to use a simple RPM vs. Boost level. Examples of the two different tables are on the Eurodyne Maestro Tables page.

THIS WIKI IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. We went live with it on 9/21/2020, and we're working on getting info in place.

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High level overview of ECU operation

Boost Management

Fueling Management

Reverse Engineering

Open Source Tuning

Editing Software

Eurodyne Maestro (and HPTuners as of late 2020) are the only software suites that allow for end user modifications to the calibration tables

Eurodyne Maestro Tables is an overview of the tables available in Eurodyne Maestro

HP Tuners is an overview of HP Tuners software

Helpful Links

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PID List (work in progress)

Just saying

As with anything, you make modifications at your own risk. Nobody else is responsible for anything that happens while you're tuning your car.

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